Project Planning

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What is Planning?

Project planning is highly important and is fundamental to successful project management. Effective planning will ensure the on time, and on budget delivery of any project.

Why is it important to Plan?

Projects are the vehicle which helps organisations to achieve their strategic objectives. Effective project management is therefore vital to ensure organisations thrive and remain competitive.

Planning is important because without adequate planning, projects will overrun and are very likely to incur additional costs often resulting in the anticipated business benefits being put in jeopardy.

What will PM Group do?

PM Group have over 30 years experience across a diverse range of clients and industries and are uniquely positioned to provide you with a comprehensive project planning service.

We have a well established team of professional project planners who are able to understand clients’ requirements and produce and maintain detailed project schedules ensuring that your projects run to time and cost.

Our project planners are well versed in using planning software such as Microsoft Project but also understand these are only tools to use and not an end in their own right. Ensuring effective communication and acting as the key interface liaising with all key stakeholders is a vital part of the planner’s role.

PM Group’s planners will report on the feasibility and practicalities of your delivery requirements thereby managing expectations. In addition they will provide real-time status reporting on timescales, costings and resources.

Key Benefits of Project Planning to Your Organisation

Project planning is a fundamental project management technique required for the successful delivery of all projects. By investing in our planning support services your organisation will gain:-

  • An individually tailored, cost effective framework and tracking tool
  • A fully developed and maintained project schedule and resource plan
  • Greater accuracy with resource planning and improved cash flow management
  • Improved communications and buy-in from the project team and key stakeholders
  • Increased control over project interdependencies
  • Increased ownership of key project activities
  • Real time reporting (Macro and Micro Level)
  • Realistic project timescales and budget allocation
  • Risk and Earned Value Analysis
  • Pictorial presentation of project progression
  • User friendly software
  • Overall reduction in project costs
  • Projects and benefits delivered on time.
Project Planning