Project Management Training, Systems and Procedures

Meet the Team

As a Project Management company, you may expect us to advise you to outsource all of your projects. Not so, at PM Group we recognise that there will always be some projects which are better managed (in full or partially) in house.

PM Group can support and train your business to use professional project management procedures and systems without the need to spend many years developing and perfecting them yourself.

Providing the Necessary Training

PM Group’s project management training service is not the typical generic two or three day course which explains the principles of project management and then expects the delegate to return to work and get on with it…. it is the complete package. Not only do we provide the theory, but we also provide the practical tools, processes, documentation and ongoing support, all of which are tailored to your organisations specific needs.

In engaging PM Group you will be taking advantage of our award winning procedures that we have developed over many years and use ourselves in our day to day activities.

PM Group will provide your organisation with a Project Management Toolkit covering the full project lifecycle and tailored to your specific needs, including:-

  • A stage gate project lifecycle framework with simple checklists
  • Guidelines for the preparation of Capital Authorisation Requests
  • Defined roles and responsibilities of the Project Manager and other key players
  • Guidelines on writing an effective Project Execution Plan
  • Risk management and analysis techniques
  • Project Definition checklists
  • Change control procedures
  • Cost Control Models
  • Stakeholder management and communications plan
  • Project Review procedures and key performance indicators
  • Electronic bespoke proforma documentation.

PM Group can also offer simple web based software to track and monitor the progress of both individual projects and the portfolio of projects as a whole.

In addition to providing your personnel with the tools to do the job, PM Group can also assist with peak periods of work. You manage the base load of work and where the necessary resource is unavailable internally, PM Group can assist, using the same procedures and thus providing a seamless service.

Project Management Training, Systems and Procedures