Project Benchmarking

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It is widely recognised that project procedure benchmarking is an essential tool of successful project management and overall organisational success.

The benchmarking process involves:-

  • Understanding in detail your existing business processes
  • Analysing other organisations’ business processes (both competing and non-competing)
  • Comparing your own business processes to those businesses analysed
  • Putting in place any steps necessary to the close the performance gap.

By identifying market/ industry best practice and employing these within your businesses systems/ operations, the aim is to ensure project/ organisational success and exceptional performance.

Experts in Project Management and Procedure Benchmarking

PM Group are experts in the practice of project procedure benchmarking and have a wealth of knowledge and experience gained working across a number of industries. Using PM Group’s own award winning procedures and following a thorough investigation of your organisation, PM Group will seek suitable organisations for comparison and identify and suggest best practice.

PM Group will then ensure that the correct steps are made to ensure your organisation adopts industry best practice and gains optimum operational improvement.

Benchmarking is not a one off exercise, to be effective it should be integral to your businesses operations ensuring continual improvement. PM Group can offer this on-going support to ensure your organisations practices remain current and best in the field.

Project Benchmarking