Procurement Services

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As part of PM Group’s Project Management delivery service we are often asked to procure various services and items of plant on behalf of the client and manage the whole process as part of a turnkey offering.

The reason why many clients choose to use PM Group in this way is many fold but the key client benefits are as follows:-

  • Single point responsibility – it is clear to all that the responsibility of supplier choice/management, procurement orders, invoices, expediting, checking of goods, documentation etc is completely down to PM Group
  • Less Client administration and associated costs – thereby allowing the Client procurement team to focus on the ‘day job’
  • Fewer interfaces, less risk – the fewer people involved the less chance there is for activities to be assumed/lost during the process
  • Quick response time – by using PM Group’s procurement team sitting alongside the technical team makes for quick decision making, limited learning curves and ‘on-tap’ specialist advice
  • Clarity of communication – to negate any confusion from suppliers regards who they are accountable to compared to when eg the Client places the order through its own system but PM Group are charged with expediting
  • Greater influence to drive project delivery – contractual obligations of time, cost, quality and SHE lie fully with PM Group.

Typical Procurement Activities – Services and Manufactured Goods

The range of activities performed by our procurement team is equal to those covered by the client’s own procurement team – except focused fully on the project being undertaken by PM Group with the aim of ensuring the project is completed safely, on time, cost & quality. In summary the PM Group procurement team is not distracted by on other site requirements and supports the PM Group project team to ensure the project critical success factors are met.

Activities include, but are not limited, to the following:-

  • Preparation of a Procurement Plan
  • Vendor sourcing and prequalification
  • Preparation of procurement plans for vendor equipment and sub-contract works
  • Ensure confidentiality agreements are signed as appropriate
  • Enquiry preparation and issue
  • Collection and tabulation of quotes
  • Technical and commercial bid appraisal
  • Pre-contract meeting negotiation
  • Agreement of T&C’s including preferential terms, guarantees and added value support
  • Purchase order placement
  • Expediting and progressing
  • Amendments to purchase orders
  • Receipt and integration of vendor design information
  • Inspection, quality control and factory acceptance testing
  • Co-ordination of Client Acceptance Tests
  • Client/Supplier progress and status reports
  • Shipping and Receipting of goods
  • Administration of Customs clearance, VAT and Duty issues as appropriate
  • Interface with site material control
  • Valuation of works and control of stage payments
  • Validation of site variations
  • Ensure method statements and risk assessments are in place prior to commencement on site
  • Ensure suppliers meet obligations in terms of commissioning, documentation etc
  • Checking and handling of returns
  • Final invoice processing and documentation
  • Warranty Management
  • Negotiation of claims and final settlement.
Procurement Services