Outsourcing Professional and Technical Personnel

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Whilst PM Group’s core business is the provision of Engineering Design and Project Management services, our business was formed from a technical personnel agency business back in the 1970s. This businesses role was to source personnel to support a wide range of customers operating across multiple sectors. Whilst we no longer actively promote ourselves as a provider of professional and technical personnel in the way that an agency business would, we do frequently provide this kind of personnel to clients.

In the vast majority of cases where we are called upon to provide these services, they are for clients where we already have an established working relationship whereby personnel charge our rates and Terms & Conditions have been agreed in advance. This way we can generally provide suitably experienced and qualified personnel at short notice to either replace a member of a client’s team on a temporary basis or to supplement a client Engineering or Project team with personnel with the required skill sets for a longer period of time. We also regularly provide specialist ‘short term’ support to assist a client with the following:-

  • HAZOP Support (including qualified HAZOP Chair)
  • DSEAR/ATEX Consultancy
  • CDM and Health & Safety advice, support, training and auditing
  • CAPEX Planning
  • Procurement (including inspection and Factory and Site Acceptance Tests (FAT & SAT))
  • Development of Systems and Processes
  • Construction and Project Management
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Incident Investigation
  • Commissioning.

There are a number of clear advantages in using PM Group to provide your business with Professional and Technical Personnel, including the ability to:-

  • Use personnel on a part time basis
  • Only employ personnel when you need them (support only when you are busy)
  • Use personnel already familiar with your site
  • Gain access to a wide range of experienced personnel.
Outsourcing Professional and Technical Personnel