Factory Expansion

Meet the Team

As part of their strategic planning, many companies often review the merits of reorganising their existing operations. The option to relocate the Company may not be available due to time, cost or other factors and the need to consolidate the business may require drastic changes to existing infrastructure. The need to reorganise a factory or site becomes a higher profile issue whenever there is a major change in a company’s business operations or when production output reduces.

Why Reorganise?

  • To respond to an increase or decrease in product demand
  • To improve and implement changes in manufacturing methods
  • To respond to legal legislation/regulations
  • Practical issues such as the need to upgrade machinery
  • Due to the outsourcing of specific services to a third party.

How Can PM Group Help?

  • Highly proven experience of working with companies to execute both site and factory reorganisation
  • Most organisations will not have the necessary experience or skills to research, plan and generally undertake the Factory/Site Reorganisation project in-house
  • Failure costs of poorly planned/executed reorganisations by ‘in-house’ teams are real and very public
  • An efficient and effectively managed project will minimise both time and budget wastage.


Factory Expansion