Client Engineer

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PM Group’s ability to execute a wide range of project types and values as a Managing Contractor also makes it a suitable company when clients are looking for someone to assist them in the management of a contract and act as the interface between themselves and the Managing Contractor. By being able to see both sides of the contract, PM Group perform the Client or Owners’ Engineer role as it should be – an expert adviser and representative of the client when administrating the contract but also able to act independently, fairly and impartially as a professional engineer.

The engineer plays a large role in the administration of the contract and has many duties to perform including providing directions to the contractor, valuing the works, issuing certificates and payment schedules, controlling variations, resolving disputes and generally ensuring the contract as awarded is adhered to and the project objectives are met.

Naturally it is normal that changes to the contract and its associated works will arise from a host of possibilities such as incorrect scope definition, changes in the client’s business needs or the economy. The Engineer is the conduit through which variations are channelled.

PM Group’s technical and previous project experience make this a less adversarial and time consuming position than could be through other routes.