CapEx Planning

Meet the Team

PM Group are market leaders in the CapEx planning initiative and has advised on and executed a significant number of CapEx projects of varying size and complexity for clients in many different industries. In the course of undertaking such work, we have been exposed to a variety of capital project regimes and are, therefore, uniquely positioned to assist clients in improving their capital expenditure process in support of long term business benefits.

A common theme when talking to clients in all industrial sectors is the approach to the planning of capital expenditure.

In many instances, ‘planning’ can be somewhat of a misnomer, businesses often budget for major maintenance, replacement or the upgrade of assets on a last minute basis or, plans are carried out with poor project evaluation.

Whilst these characteristics may be well recognised, the consequences are, arguably, less appreciated and can include:-

  • Poor alignment with the business strategy
  • Projects poorly defined leading to cost/time overrun
  • Investment not challenged throughout the life of the project
  • Little accountability or validation of project benefits.

Providing a Robust, Benefits-Focused CapEx Planning Process

PM Group’s CapEx Programme Improvement Process, or CPIP, is a robust, benefits-focused process developed to generate and monitor a portfolio of projects, with the aim of ensuring that valuable resources are targeted on high priority initiatives with a strategic fit.

The process provides a ranked and prioritised project schedule with a set of KPI’s for the management and control of the on-going portfolio of projects. Business benefits are monitored and maximised from idea generation all the way to post project review.

PM Group’s CapEx advisors have wide personal project knowledge coupled with high level manufacturing site experience and are capable of absorbing strategic business issues as well as being able to communicate with all levels of personnel to gather and impart information.

All recommendations are delivered as practical working systems and processes which will continue to add value to the client business over many years.

Call us on +44 1928 752500 or contact us via our online enquiry form for a free initial presentation on CapEx planning and an insight as to how PM Group can help you to:-

  • Maximise growth capital
  • Build business benefits into the forward business plan
  • Validate benefits throughout the project lifecycle
  • Secure higher credibility at Corporate level to enhance funding probability.