Civil & Structural Engineering

Meet the Team

At PM Group, our Civil and Structural capability covers all industry sectors. Many projects involve the detailed planning of structures, operating plant and equipment installation, where care is required to minimise disruption to existing plant and to ensure safety during construction activities.

PM Group are able to offer expert advice and management to all our projects in this area.

Specialists in Civil and Structural Engineering

At PM Group, our specialist areas of capability within Civil and Structural engineering include:-

  • Civil – Ground engineering, piling design, reclamation, water supply
  • Structural – Design of and assessment of structures, foundation design, building repair and refurbishment, machinery and equipment supports, temporary works
  • Surveying – Building surveying and building regulation approval, building finishes/specification, capital planning approval, utility surveys, planning applications, structural appraisals, planned maintenance, insurance investigations, adaptation, re-use and conversion, demolition, reclamation
  • Environmental – Environmental assessments, risk analysis and assessment, audits, remediation, effluent and groundwater treatment, process water analysis.
Civil & Structural Engineering