Technical Due Diligence

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PM Group provides technical due diligence services to project developers, investors and funders. Our reporting process provides our clients with an assessment of their project and encompasses:-

  • An expert technical review
  • Assessment of Development costs
  • Project risk and mitigation measures.

The detailed reporting process, supported with a risk register and mitigation measures is aimed to provide the transparency required by our clients to make an informed investment decision.

PM Group understands the risks associated with acquiring assets or developing strategically important projects which require the adoption or adaptation of new technologies and/or processes and the need to identify and mitigate any associated risks.

Our technical capabilities and experience is widely called upon by developers, funders and insurance companies and includes the following:-


  • review technical capability of Personnel involved in the project
  • assess any health and safety implications
  • assess impact on existing operations
  • advise on methodologies to design, construct, operate and maintain assets
  • review proposed operational procedures.

Technical (Mechanical, Process and EC&I)

  • advise on the validity of future projected technical performance
  • recommend actions that are necessary to address potential liabilities
  • identify opportunities for performance improvements
  • identify and assess technical interfaces
  • identify existing methodologies, failure histories of similar projects processes
  • provide information about the robustness of the project design and a detailed commentary on the assumptions made in the Project Definition.

Intellectual Property

  • Validity and protection of IP.


  • recommend measures that may significantly affect the value of the investment
  • determine whether the quoted project benefits are attainable
  • comment on CapEX & OpEX.


  • assess key technological risks
  • assess technical robustness.


  • comment and advise on the environmental performance.

We provide a range of industry experts who have in-depth technical experience and the knowledge to avoid industry pitfalls, boost investor confidence and ensure the client’s project development team achieve their goals.

Our areas of Sector Experience


  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • In-Vessel Composting
  • Biomass
  • Bio refining and biodiesel production.

Energy from Waste

  • Gasification
  • Pyrolysis.

Waste Water Treatment

  • Industrial and Utility sector Waste Water Treatment Systems.


Technical Due Diligence