Document/Drawing Management and BIM

Meet the Team

With many industrial and manufacturing organisations reducing their engineering resource, something as simple as the documentation and drawing management can become confused and outdated very quickly.

PM Group can provide a modern, professional offsite drawing and documentation management system to keep you in control of all changes and give you rapid access to any information that you may require. This specialist drawing management service offered by PM Group, has a number of features and benefits which also allows you, the client, to spend more time developing your own organisation, leaving us to manage the peripheral systems.

Features and Benefits of PM Group’s Drawing Management

  1. Create a seamless flow of up to date information
  2. Accurately control and record distribution of all drawings and documents
  3. Maintain access to all historic data
  4. Take ownership for offsite storage of all original documentation (electronic and paper)
  5. Provide a generic numbering system
  6. Maintain uniformity of all drawing and document templates to provide consistency and a professional image to all documentation
  7. Provide instant access to information
  8. Dedicated contact for rapid retrieval
  9. Convert formats to AutoCAD industry standard
  10. Provide read-only onsite access with uncontrolled printing facility.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

BIM is a process of collaborative production and management of an Asset Information Model, stored in a Common Data Environment (CDE). Every party contributes discipline-specific information to the CDE, generating a goldmine of asset data for use throughout the life-cycle of the facility.

BIM can produce design visualisation and analysis, documentation, task sequencing, finance forecasts and more. BIM is split into levels which describe the degree of application – (Level 2 is now a requirement for UK public funded construction projects).

Why use BIM?

Much of the waste in complex projects comes from using wrong or out-of-date information for the wrong purpose and the inadequate sharing of information. It is estimated that wastage accounts for significant amounts of CAPEX and OPEX costs. BIM Level 2 is a key enabler in removing this wastage, through gathering exploitable information and storing in the CDE, generating immediate and long term efficiencies. By feeding this data to an asset management system, BIM is a key enabler to smarter asset ownership and operation.

PM Group and BIM

We have developed a BIM delivery structure which complies with Level 2, bringing all the life-cycle benefits of BIM implementation to our clients and Industry. We tailor our solutions to our client’s needs and comply with BS 1192:2007 and PAS 1192.

We understand that BIM is about an ethos of intelligent working, reducing waste and providing access to the right information at the right time, PM Group aims to:

  • Provide formal BIM management, support structure and engagement programme
  • Maintain company BIM standards
  • Ensure best practice is being followed
  • Commit to collaborative BIM R&D with clients and partners to maintain a level of cutting edge practice
  • Co-ordinate and support BIM training
  • Collect the latest BIM knowledge and distribute between our industries.

Key Benefits of BIM:

  • Upto 20% cost savings – CAPEX and OPEX
  • Upto 20% carbon reduction
  • Reduce lead time
  • Reduce rework
  • Safer construction
  • Consistent, high quality deliverables
  • Improves productivity
  • Structured asset information model.