Why PM Group?

Meet the Team

Our Culture

We pride ourselves on our straight forward, open and honest style which is at the heart of the way we do business. We have a ‘no politics’ culture where mutual trust and respect for each other’s skills and experience is paramount. We work in a collaborative yet challenging style that is focused on the project and client needs whilst sustaining the business benefits for both parties. We provide real value by focusing on our client relationships at all levels and through the investment of senior management time on each and every project.


Our Values

Most companies promote a set of ‘values’ or create a value statement which are meant to portray the ‘morals’ of the business.  Unfortunately, too often these are created by the marketing department and more often than not, they are designed to make a company sound different to how it actually is. Whilst we are bound to say it, we feel that we are different in this respect, and our stated values are a reflection of the core principles that underline our business and have been at the heart of how we have been doing business since 1978.

The following values are promoted by our employees at all levels regardless of their role:-


  • Passionate about Safety – We work hard to protect the safety of all people involved with our projects/activities
  • Tools not rules – We adopt an appropriate balance between controls and empowerment
  • Fair Treatment – We have respect for all of our employees and their needs
  • Empowerment – We reward commitment and creativity
  • Quality – We have a commitment to excellence in customer service and delivery
  • Trust – We maintain the highest levels of honesty and integrity at all times
  • Reliability – We do what we say we will, and when we said we would do it
  • Non adversarial – We challenge positively to drive improvement
  • Supportive – We never knowingly allow a client or colleague to fail
  • Collaborative – We aim to develop long-term, mutually beneficial client relationships.