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At PROjEN we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of engineering design and project management. Innovation and value engineering is intrinsice to our company ethos and instrumental in every project we undertake.Our core business involves all elements of the project lifecycle from project inception, (including feasibility studies, capital justifications, front-end engineering) right through the detailed design and construction phases, (including the delivery of full turnkey projects).

Our extensive experience across a wide range of industries encourages the cross fertilisation of ideas and the adoption of best practice techniques. Some of our key clients include; Syngenta, Cargill, Croda, BP, Altana, Aggregate Industries, Sanofi, DePuy, New Britain Oils, National Grid, Cadent and Scotland Gas Networks.

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About PROjEN


“PM PROjEN is a highly respected, multi-disciplined Engineering Consultancy, Project Management and Engineering Design business that works across a range of specialist market sectors for a diverse mix of clients from SMEs to multinational, blue-chip companies. We are a key part of international project delivery specialists, PM Group, a 2,600-employee-owned company operating globally.”

Together with the wider PM Group business, we provide a comprehensive engineering-based service delivered in a proactive, professional, and imaginative style. Our core business offering involves all core elements of the project lifecycle from project inception, (including feasibility studies, capital justifications, front-end engineering) right through the detailed design and construction phases, (including the delivery of full turnkey projects). As a project delivery business, we put the highest emphasis on the Health, Safety and Environmental aspects of our service delivery. Our consistently high Health and Safety performance has been recognised by RoSPA through the award of our fourth Order of Distinction for achieving eighteen consecutive gold awards.


Core Services


Clearly as a full Project lifecycle design and delivery organisation we need to have all of the skills that you would expect from a pure Engineering Consultancy. However, consultancy businesses do not typically have the full design and delivery capability that a business such as PM PROjEN possesses. Why is this an important factor when choosing an Engineering Consultancy to support you? We believe that when you design and implement engineering solutions that it enhances the understanding of any engineering challenges and this learning helps us to take a highly practical and pragmatic approach to engineering consultancy tasks.


Most companies today are under pressure. Budgets are cut, resources reduced, timescales ever more challenging, yet still productivity increases are demanded. Today’s businesses cannot always provide the focus and time to deliver projects effectively, to find the right expertise at the right stage of a project, and as a result, suffer additional costs on projects through poor conception, planning, procurement, and execution. At PM PROjEN, we ensure that by utilising an outside organisation for Project Management services, all our clients’ project objectives are met in full. The successful Project Management service offered by PM PROjEN concentrates on three prime issues of time, cost, and quality, ensuring a coherent structure for managing all three.


We have been providing multi-disciplined Engineering Design services across the Advanced Manufacturing & Technology, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Energy & Environmental and Gas sectors since we were founded in 1978. In the early days, we adopted the principle of keeping the core engineering disciplines under one roof to improve communications, encourage teamwork, and promote the cross-fertilisation of ideas and we still abide by this principle today. Whilst we are content to pick up and develop projects from any stage, we are most happy as a business when we can analyse and solve complex engineering problems and develop solutions from a blank sheet of paper right through to a fully functioning plant or system.

“At PM PROjEN, we focus on recruiting and retaining people who not only practice and share our simple, creative and honest way of doing business, but believe in it too.

We are proud that our project engineering consultants and project managers offer a straightforward approach to our projects, every single time.”

Core Sectors


Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Whilst demanding particular skills and expertise, the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors today face commercial challenges common to many organisations within the broader process industries. The concept of a recession-proofed sector is a dated perception, particularly when considering the high costs of product research, development, approval and general compliance.

Costs at all levels are under scrutiny, including those for design, engineering and plant construction. It is increasingly recognised that present day levels of investment and inherent need for flexibility demand appropriately sized and ‘fit for purpose’ supply organisations, working in partnership.

Advanced Manufacturing and Technology

Since its foundation in 1978, PM PROjEN has played a significant role in designing and implementing hundreds of new plant builds and plant modifications on facilities in the manufacturing sector. Currently, over 50% of our business is associated with designing and delivering projects for manufacturing clients spread across the following manufacturing sub-sectors:-

  • Chemical and Process (including bulk and fine chemicals)
  • Food and Drink (including flavourings and additives)
  • Paints and Coatings
  • Aggregates & Building Products
  • Petrochemicals (Downstream processing and Fuel Storage & Blending)
  • Aerospace and Defence
  • Agrochemicals.


Energy & Environment

The PM PROjEN Bioenergy Division was formed in early 2011 and quickly became a major player in this arena with a number of significant project successes and a notable contribution to improving Health and Safety performance by bringing learning and good practice from other sectors. Since its inception, the division has taken on a wider range of projects encompassing Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas, Biomass, Liquid Biofuels, Waste Water Treatment and Energy Centres leading us to rename the division, Energy and Environmental.

The division was established to bring to the market our unique mix of over 30 years’ of experience in the design and build of a variety of complex process plants in the Energy and Environmental sectors. The team consists of a number of key individuals who have been involved in some of the UK’s most iconic installations over the years. The division is headed by Engineering Director, Nevin Elliott and the technical team is headed by Dr Les Gornall and Dave Auty – probably two of the most recognised and respected members of the Bioenergy ‘community’


Natural gas is a tightly regulated and vital energy utility with a highly complex and widely distributed infrastructure. In simple terms, the national gas network generates, processes, stores and distributes huge quantities of natural gas to industry, public sector facilities and millions of homes across the length and breadth of the UK.

Apart from the final few feet of Low Pressure (LP) pipework and the gas meter under their stairs, the general public are unaware of this vast utility. At the heart of the gas infrastructure is a vast transmission and distribution network which stores and transmits highly flammable natural gas at multiple pressures utilising a vast range of technologies of varying ages.


Testimonials – Proud to deliver

“Engineering and project management is not just about delivering services for our clients. Its about having pride in believing you have delivered the best project that you possibly can. Having pride in your professionalism and going that extra mile will deliver a better project, more safely and on time and budget. The outcome Is also evident in the feedback from our satisfied clients and testimonials they are willing to supply highlighting the quality of our engineering, design and project management services.

“PM PROjEN provided engineering support facilities to Total Bitumen for several years. The comprehensive range of services from drawing administration to Project Management were all delivered in a flexible, cost effective and customer focused manner.”


Awards – Recognised by the industry

Founded in 1978, we have amassed a wealth of experience and our commitment to providing excellent service delivery has been recognised with a number of awards over the years. Our Systems and Processes underpin our operational effectiveness and we have developed a robust Information Management System (IMS) that we use to both run our business and execute projects on behalf of our clients. As well as being at the heart of our ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certifications, our IMS has been audited by a number of our blue-chip clients and has always been highly commended.

Our Team


It's a Team Game

It’s a team game

We are only as good as the people who form our impressive line up and we fully understand the importance of recruiting, training, and retainer the best engineering and management talent available.

We have our roots in recruitment services with PROjEN originally providing specialist engineering recruitment services for clients in the North West of England – a skill we keep at the heart of our operations to this day. Get to know our team and share their experience an commitment to delivering word class engineering projects

Work With Us – Join us and share our success

PM PROjEN fully recognise the important part our employees play in our continuing success and we firmly believe that our staff are our greatest asset. We take the time to invest in our employees and aim to attract people who identify with our business culture. We offer a wide variety of exciting employment opportunities for people looking to enhance their career.